Qooapp Apk & iOS Download

QooApp APK is an alternative to Google Play Store & iTunes App Store. Many games for android and iOS get released on internet everyday. But, not all the games are available worldwide. It solves the problem of languages and location faced by the above 2 stores. If an Indian want to play a game which is famous in other Asian countries like china, Korea, etc., he can easily download it using QooApp.

This app is not available on Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, but you can download it from many links on google.

To download games from QooApp APK, there is no need to sign up. Just select the app, tap the download button of the game you like, wait for a while, and download the game.

This app is one of the best alternative to look for region-locked games on your smart phone or tablet.


Features of QooApp

–  Download of all the video games from different countries.

–  It is safer than other apps to download various games across world.

–  No requirement of sign up to download different games (unlike google play store).

–  Requires Android or iOS device. It is even possible to download it on Windows.

–  Requires a space of just 5.1 MB

Qooapp for Android and iOS

Qooapp for Android and iOS


How to download QooApp Apk

 Generally this app will not be available in the google play store.

So, you can easily download it from this link, If you are using Android device-

QooApp Apk For Android

If you are using iOS device-

QooApp For iOS

In case if there is any error in opening the app then you can directly go to browser search there and download from it. It is completely a safe app.



QooApp is a Chinese app which is a trusted alternative to download Asian games. The most preferable part of this app is that it keeps track of all new games launching everyday and updates them regularly.

It allows users to browse games according to genre and language, download it from the app without any region limitations. It is a ‘Completely Safe’ app.

May be because of the app translation and to change the language of app many of the developers will not launch their game in all countries. So this qooapp makes you to get all the games in the required language.



QooApp is available in the international version with support of over 11 international languages, along with English. So, there is no need to look for a separate English version. Irrespective of the place where you live you can download the games from this app and enjoy them on your device.

With QooApp, you have a lot of choices to download and access Asian apps available only in specific countires. This app is safe to use and is different to get for your android and iOS devices.

Hope you have this app now and play free games which are not even available on your mobile store.