How To Take Screenshot in Samsung J7 ?

Samsung has dilated its portfolio across global boundaries and its inventions are overwhelmingly received owing to the developed and interesting features embedded in the latest smartphones and its stylish designs and display. Samsung J7 is reining the market among Samsung smartphones with its powerful 1.5GHz octa core Exynos 7580 processor and RAM of 1.5 GB. Its specifications are truly enticing and come in a stylish and attractive design. The only problem a few users have encountered is taking screenshot in Samsung J7.

Taking a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy J7 is very easy and simple. These series of smartphones have been built using a user-friendly interface and it has the same procedure to be followed to capture the screenshot.

Here are the tips and steps that will help you capture screenshots of your favorite game score or a receipt of the payment etc.

Steps to take screenshots using Samsung J7

screenshot on Galaxy j7

Taking screenshots in Samsung J7 is not a huge task but it is a simple procedure. All you have to know is the right place to hit before capture the screenshot.

  1. Firstly go to the screen of which screenshot is required by you.
  2. The power and home Key plays the main role while capturing screenshots in Samsung J7. Press the Home and power key at the same time.
  3. Once you press the home and power keys at the very same time the screen flickers and you shall be able to hear the sound of shutter too which indicates screenshot has been taken.

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Location of Power and Home button

The home button is located at the bottom of your display screen. It is more or less like an oval shaped button that is present on the bottom. It has two other small scribbled icons next to each other which are for other options.

The power button is located at the side of the phone. It is usually where you find the buttons for adjustment of volume.

Press these home and power keys at the same time and you will have your desired screenshot well captured and saved in gallery.

Capture Screenshot using Google Screen Search method

screenshot in samsung j7

This method helps to capture screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J7 prime. This too follows the same steps as earlier to get started to take the screenshots.

  1. Firstly go to the screen of which screenshot is required by you.
  2. Now hit the home button but make it a long press.
  3. The screenshot is already taken but it does not get saved by default. You can share the screenshots using email or even save it in Google drive.

Word of caution while taking Screenshot using Samsung J7

Pressing the home and power keys at the same time is most important to take screenshots. It has been noticed that power key should be pressed fraction of a second before pressing the home button.

  1. However if we press the power key way before home button and for a long time it can prompt you to shut down or restart your phone.
  2. Similarly you press the home button much before the power key it may navigate you to the home screen. Hence pressing both the keys at the same time is important to capture the screen you desire.

Steps to view or access the Screenshot captured on Samsung J7

Viewing the screenshots is also as easy as taking the screenshots. The process of capturing the screenshot or even viewing it is simple and does not recommend installation of any other app.

  1. Once the screenshot has been captured you will get a notification or can see the screenshot you have just taken in the notification area. The notifications appear on the top of the screen for which you have to drag the notification area.
  2. Now click on the screenshot that appears on the notification area and you shall be able to view it.
  3. If you want to vie you screenshots that have been taken earlier you will have to visit the gallery. Screenshots are automatically saved in the Gallery under a folder named Screenshots.
  4. You can visit gallery from your home screen.


You can enjoy taking as many clicks of your screen instead of downloading the images with simple option of screenshot. No installation of app or exhausting our memory space would be required.

Simple steps and the magic of home and power button is all you need. So get started with this amazing mid-range affordable powerfully featured Samsung J7 and capture your favorite screenshots!