Castle Clash Hack, Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Guide

The game of Castle Clash is one of the most played mobile strategy games involving building your army for a combat. The game is fascinating and engaging due to the challenges involved and the battles fought between troops. In this game you form your own battalion and have to attack the enemies and their army bases apart from keeping you army base safe.

The war strategy design, rewards and points, heroes are the various attractions in the game that will keep you glued to it. The concept of heroes and investing your gold on the right resource is of some serious importance.

The article is about the introduction and outline of the game and a few tips and tricks that will guide you through the game to gain control and empower your battalion to win the battles and bag victory.

Castle Clash Cheats

Outline of the Game

Castle clash is one of the most demanded mobile games that is based on an amazing strategy and planning where you can interact with other players all across the globe and march with your armies to defeat the enemies and conquer their kingdoms. You have to build your own army bases and form battalions and lead them with proper planning to conquer over the enemies.

The game is different from the regular fantasy games with its complexities and adversaries. The planning and strategy making is a new experience and keeps people engaged into it. The best part about the game is that it is absolutely free and you play it on both Android and iOS devices.

As the game progresses you can enjoy real time purchases and points collection which makes it more happening.

Guides and Tips

Castle clash guide

If you are naïve at the game and have just started, you can get confused with the concept of troop building and forming strategies. Here are a few guidelines that will help you to get started as a beginner and win the game.

Upgrade your vaults and Town Hall

  • Keep your town hall upgraded whenever possible.  If you have enough gold with it then work on it and upgrade it to unlock more content which will be needed for your army base. These will include hero bases and defensive structures.
  • You have to upgrade your vaults too so that you can collect more resources. If the upgrade gets expensive and you not left with much gold then compensate b working on the Mana Mill and gold mine to get the flow of income
  • Accumulate this gold and invest in the upgrade to build your base and strong troops for battle.

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An Eye on the vault always

  • Your vault holds all resources collected and hence you should never leave the gold and Mana in your vaults for long. This could tempt target and attacks.
  • Hence it is best to spend the gold and vault resources effectively on the upgrades needed.

Understand Your Troops

  • Prioritize Pyromancers, troops until they each level 5 so that you can unlock Griffins.  Griffins are the flying units and are resistant to harms from enemies.
  • You can also upgrade your hunters s that you can gain access to Centaurs that are effective in raiding during the beginning or early stages as the game proceeds.
  • The hunters can counter players who depend on flying units to defend the bases.

Take the Relic Hall to level 6

  • You have to get the Relic hall to level 6 as fast as possible so that you will have 2 spells to use in the battles. To use the spells an upgrade of Ares’ Favor is also required that gives your troops and heroes the needed energy in their ATK.
  • You can then work on the Arrow Storm to gain more offensive choice of spells.

Tips for Hiring Heroes

The game is engulfed with heroes and battles and hence they play a key role in winning the game. The heroes come in several ran-ties. They are difficult to get but totally worth it. The tips to hire heroes include the following:

  • Use your honor badges to get a random hero. In this case you will have the uncertainty of getting an ordinary or slime hero too. The probability to get an elite hero is very less but it is less expensive and hence quite the gamble.
  • You may get a hero from the warehouse in exchange of merits. This too gives a random hero from a chosen rarity.  So frame your merits from the start.
  • You get a Druid Card from the daily reward on the very first day. You can get a legendary quick hero using this.
  • If you hire with shards you can select the hero of your choice. Legendary heroes will cost your 4 digits and above. Elite heroes come in 3 digits while the ordinary ones come in 2 digits.

Tricks in Attacking

Castle Clash Overview

In the game of Castle Clash your troops will return home after surviving an attack instead of disappearing or getting slayed. Hence here are a few points to consider:

  • You should not conserve all the units and deploy them when you are attacking.
  • Before logging out make sure that there are troops inside your army camps so that they can continue defending.
  • Prior attacks make sure you have the balanced set of heroes including tanks, support heroes and high damage dealer.

Castle Clash Game Cheats and Hacks

At the start of the game you will be gives gems in good quantities and you will earn more and more from rewards and events as the game progresses. Initially save these gems to buy anew builder. More the number of builders, you can progress faster and work on your bases.

Keep checking the free gem offers in shops. These offers also come as testing app or video. Whenever you make a purchase you may be given bonuses or such offers.

Avoid the sites and apps that claim cheat to the game or hack the game for some ridiculous amount of gems. These are definitely not safe and can put your account in trouble. Hence play safe and enjoy the real time battle with Castle Clash!