How To Take Screenshot on LG G5?

One of the most fascinating phones in 2016, the LG G5 has captured everyone’s attention with its user interface and modular design. One of the most common features, the screenshot function of this device, is mostly triggered via a key combination. LG G5 is also one of the best known modular phones which is set to be an inspiration to the rest of the smartphones. Equipped with great hardware and other options let us look at the methods to utilize your LG G5 phone in taking screenshots:

Screenshot on Lg G5

Taking a Screenshot using Hardware Buttons

  • One of the fastest and convenient ways of taking a screenshot is by using the hardware buttons.
  • Open the application or screen which you want a screenshot of and press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time.
  • These hardware buttons are placed at the back of your device where the buttons need to be pressed simultaneously.
  • A quick animation and feedback sound will show that the screenshot was just taken.

Take Screenshot on LG G5

Taking Screenshots with QuickMemo+

The QuickMemo+ feature is a continuation from the old- gen LG G flagships which basically lets you avoid the entire button pressing feature. This is a perfect option if you not only want to capture the screen but also edit or crop out a certain part.

To take a screenshot, open the screen and pull down the quick settings drawer and click the QuickMemo + button. After this you will be guided to the captured screen where you will have all the tools displayed that requireediting the screenshot.

LG Capture+ App

LG G5 Screenshot

Another way to take a screenshot in the LG G5 is by using the Capture+ App which is the first circular shortcut icon on your notification tray.

  • Open the screen and tap the Capture+ icon on the notification toggle on your device.
  • Here you can annotate or draw your screenshot along with various available editing options at the top of the bar.
  • Once done, you can tap the check-box at the top left corner and save the screenshot.

In case you do not find the screenshot button in your notification tray, you can customize the icons in the notification pull down tray, called the “Quick Settings” by pulling it down twice and then tapping the edit button. This creates a one tap screenshot button and you can use it to tap to take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen.